5 Easy Steps to Guest Blogging

Writing and posting updates on your own company or personal blog can be both fun and helpful to your SEO strategy. But did you know you can gain additional exposure and SEO links to your own website by guest blogging?

Guest blogging is simply writing a blog post that is published on another blog with your guest “byline.” Many popular blogs accept guest posts as a way to post additional web content to their site, save them time from writing posts every day, and promote expertise, products, or services of other bloggers.

How can you get to be a guest blogger? Here are five important but easy steps you can take to find and publish your first guest post – and hopefully many more afterwards.

1. Research Potential Blogs

There are literally hundreds of thousands of blogs on the internet. Many are popular blogs with a loyal following, while others may not be so popular but fit into your business niche. Your job is to find the blogs that are relevant to your expertise and business industry.

Perform Google searches for potential blogs. You can narrow your research to strictly blog results with Google’s Blog Search tool. Type in queries with keywords pertinent to your business or industry. Then browse results of blogs that look interesting to you and is aimed at the same audience.

You might also join My Blog Guest. Here you can connect with other bloggers who are interested in accepting or swapping guest posts.

2. Dig Deeper Into Top Blog Choices

Before you make a pitch to a blog owner, you should research their blog thoroughly. Who is their audience? What do they think of the blog? What topics are most discussed?

Read and browse the blog. Also, use tools like the ones found at Topsy.com. Simply enter “Site:blogname.com” and find out what people are saying on Twitter.

3. Form a Great Post Idea

You need a great idea to pitch to the blog owner. Brainstorm potential topics and ideas. Then narrow them down to one or two top choices.

4. Write an Email Pitch

With your top idea or ideas in hand, it is time to pitch the blog owner as a guest poster. Compose an email like you would propose an article idea to a print magazine. Keep it short, concise, and interesting. Here are some tips:

Address the blog owner by name – This always adds a personal approach and shows you have done your homework.
Describe your blog post idea – Tell the blog owner why your idea is relevant to his or her blog and why it will do well.
Provide links to your blogs – Why should the blog owner allow you to guest post? Provide a brief blogging history and experience, and provide a few links to your best blog posts.

5. Write a Killer Guest Blog Post

Got the green light for your idea? Congratulations! It’s time to write your blog post. Here are a few guest post writing tips:

Keep the word count within reasonable limits. Blog posts typically range from 200 – 500 words.
Use proper grammar and spelling.
Include a few links to your site and within the blog owner’s site where relevant.
If possible, use HTML codes for formatting such as H1 or H2 tags for headings, and codes for bold, underlining, or spacing.

Guest blogging can add great credibility to your own industry experience and expertise. Apply these steps to finding and writing great guest posts.

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