How To Get Noticed By Other Bloggers

As a blogger yourself, you know what it takes to keep a blog updated and loaded with fresh content. You may know that all that can be a busy job, especially for a full-time blogger.

You also know the importance of spreading your expertise and getting additional publicity outside your own blog. You can do this by writing for other blogs as a guest poster, regular contributor, or even as a staff writer. But getting the attention of blogs you would like to work with is not always easy.

If you find a list of blogs that look great for your expertise and experience and want to contribute to their property, it is important that you take the right steps to approach them. Here are a few tips.

Determine if They are Accepting Contributions

You may be able to contact a blog owner directly through a “call for submission” link. Many blogs offer guest writing positions and guest blog posts from others. Check the blog for “contributions” links that explain their process, and follow their directions to the letter. If they say “no emails,” then use their own web form to submit your idea. If they want writing samples and a CV, send them as directed.

Ask the Blog Owner for Advice

One of the best ways to get the attention of a prominent blogger is to simply ask for advice. Contact the blogger and say how much you respect their opinion on certain subjects. Ask a question or advice on your own blog. Forming this relationship could benefit you in the future as a guest blogger or writer.

Write Your Own Posts about the Blog

Make mention and include links to your chosen blog(s) in your own blog posts. It is quite possible they check their stats for referral traffic and will find your blog. If you do this, be sure to say positive things about the blog and the blog owner. Write a post that highlights a topic posted by the other blogger. Mention the expertise of the other blogger in your posts. If possible, even try to conduct an interview with the blogger and write a complimentary blog post. Indeed, brown nosing can be a great tool for your blogging.

Research Alternative Contact Info

A blog owner may include only a web form submission contact form. But surely they have an alternate email or other contact, right?

Perform searches through Google about the web owner. Find out where he or she has posted previously on other blogs and websites and whether there is an email contact at the end of the post.

You might also research the blog company if it is registered through a state’s business registry. A postal address may be gleaned from this research where you can send a personal letter addressing your interest in the blog.

Getting another blogger’s attention can be done. You just have to find ways to sift through the clutter of everyone else’s comments and avoid getting lost in the inbox.

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