How Social Media and SEO Can Improve Your Press Relations

Want to get your new and exciting news story out to the masses? Write a press release. Submit an optimized online press release as well. And while we’ve talked previously about how online press releases can help generate interest in your business and traffic to your website, you should also consider the current information you have available for interested press members.

Generating an Effective Campaign

Part of an effective public relations campaign is getting members of the media, both online and off, interested in your story. And when a journalist is interested where do they go for information? The first thing they will do is check the press center URL you provide in a press release. They will also most likely perform a Google search, or perform other major search engine research on your company. What will they find?

Your first job in managing media relations is to make their job easy. If they are looking for additional information on your company, they should have no problem finding SEO content through an internet search, and finding a contact for you or your media person at your company.

Social Media Enhances Results

Do you have social media accounts that journalists can search for? You should. A social media site is a great place for a journalist or press member to gather additional information. Simply searching a popular social site like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can turn up your account. Use those social media accounts wisely. Provide strategic status updates. Provide links to your website and other important sites about your company. A journalist who finds interesting information from a social media site will also likely include a link to your page in their story or blog. So as you can see, keeping an updated social media page can help both your media relations, and potentially gain more traffic through the press.

Journalists often don’t have time to set up full interviews or perform a lot of research. In the case of a tight deadline, they are likely to perform quick Google searches about topics they are writing about. You should make sure that if your business or company is within their topic range, your information should show up on search results.

Remember to keep your website content optimized for internet searches. Any blog updates you post should also be written with specific keywords in mind that pertain to your business and industry. A journalist doing a quick search for “antique book experts” should be able to find you and your website if that is your industry.

And lastly, in addition to all your own PR campaigns, you must have an updated press center on your website. A press center is a web page that contains links to all your company press releases, news stories, and links to your social media sites as well. Keeping this page updated will make it much easier for journalists and other press to get the information they need, and find a contact for further information.

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